10 Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy on Youtube workshop

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So I’m starting my Youtube strategy again, I got a new show idea and I’d like to see if my hunch and what I’ve learned throughout my time doing Youtube video is correct. So I’m taking the free workshops at the Youtube Space NYC in Chelsea. This time, the topic is the “10 Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy on Youtube.”

Upon arrival, we had some complementary drinks like coffee, water and soda (no alcohol) with chips and dips. A comedian/actor dude that I forgot the name hosted the workshop. He had a Youtube channel with over a hundred thousand subscribers, and now works for Youtube. He gave a nice presentation on 10 strategies that can make a Youtube channel successful. I guess my hunch was correct. I’m not going to summarize what that dude said, but all I got to say is to have a passion, know your audience, make enough of it, be topical, personalize, and make it interactive.

They still haven’t talked about the algorithms that prevent new videos to be on the subscribers Youtube feed, but I think I have my own answers to that. Whatever. There were no free goodies this time, only to the volunteers, and at least the guacamole and chips were good. Next stop, Unlocking the Space.

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