Monthly Archives: May 2016

Dayside wins at CUNY Asian American Film Festival 2016!

Another win at the CUNY Asian American Film Festival 2016! It’s not the 1st place, but we got Runner-Up honors in the Short Documentary category for the short documentary Gift of Life. This short is about Prasha’s waiting period for new lungs as she lives her life day to day with oxygen tanks. It was great that she got to be in the screening post lung transplant!

Chinese Legend of Zelda short film (2016)

Well here it is. It was an up and down production with this one but we got it out for people to enjoy! It’s great that the trailer got a massive reception since I wasn’t prepared at all, but it was very encouraging. In fact, I was taking it easy since it barely had any views last week. But since it was trending on Facebook, I actually rushed the editing process to meet the promised May 5th release because people … Continue reading

Behind the Chinese Zelda film trailer

Hi, if it’s your first time here, well I guess you saw the trailer of Chinese Legend of Zelda and you wanted to know more about the people who made it. First thing is, thank you for watching it. Second, sorry if you didn’t enjoy it. The truth is we made this movie because we wanted to be different. If you search The Legend of Zelda fan made short films and feature films on Youtube, you’ll see plenty! Some good, … Continue reading