Monthly Archives: July 2017

Dayside Open Call! Apply Now!

Do you like making movies? Are your friends not committed into doing film projects? Do you want to surround yourself with other individuals that loves films and, more importantly, go on to production and make movies? Then read further! Just like what the post title says, I’m looking for passionate diverse individuals who would like to be a part of a team and take part of significant roles within film and video projects. We are a small crew that has … Continue reading

For the Love of the Kicks production…

I’m reshooting some scenes for my short film I did for grad class about a guy who wants to get back his beloved sneakers that was stolen prior. It’s a short film about the sneaker culture that takes on social class and race. I usually make comedy or sci-fi films, but this time, specially with the political issues we are currently faced with, I wanted to tell a story that matters. This combines my love of the sneaker culture and … Continue reading