Dayside Productions

is a cutting-edge production company that focuses on entertaining the masses with compelling and memorable storytelling, and creating content on all forms of media including film, digital content, commercials and music videos.

One of the biggest accomplishment of Dayside Productions is having their short film This Moment, a film about a guy who is stuck in a time loop, screen at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival after winning “Best Picture,” “Best Actor,” and “Best Soundtrack” at Campus Movie Fest in Hunter College. Their other short film, Super Debt, a film about a NYC Superhero in deep credit card debt, won the best screenplay in Youtube Space NY’s promotion and became a part of Pow” Entertainment’s World of Superheroes program which Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) gave them a 1 on 1 consultation prior to production of the short film. Super Debt screened at the 2016 Miami International Sci-Fi Film Festival and 2017 San Diego Comic Con Film Festival.

Dayside Production’s Youtube channel, called Dayside TV, was made on September 23rd of 2009. On September 10th 2010, they became a full pledge Youtube Partner. This partnership has opened up a plethora of production resources with the Youtube Space NY studio in downtown Chelsea. They continue to use studio space, equipment rentals and content consultation to improve their video skills. Dayside TV has over 3 million video views on Youtube.

In 2012, Dayside Productions was picked to take part of Ryan Higa’s The Next Internet Icon directed and produced by Andy Fickman (The Game Plan / Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2), an episodic video making competition that was filmed at the Los Angeles Center Studios. They were picked as part of the Top 10 out of the thousand of submissions, and managed to achieve to 5th place overall during the competition. They were the most watched and talked about group in the show due to their ‘bad guy’ approach.

Dayside Founder


Girard Tecson

is an award winning Filipino filmmaker and the founder of Dayside Productions. He is a director, producer, writer, editor and a DP who is recognized for his work on various short films. He is also an ‘ok’ actor, martial artist and music artist.

Girard started his film endeavor in 2007, attending LaGuardia Community College for his first production class, and transferred to Hunter College to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Media Studies. His production experience came from independently producing several videos and films, which he brought like-minded friends and colleague to work on several projects such as short films, music videos and Internet shorts. He oversees all aspect of production by writing scripts, directing, cinematography and then editing. This started his production company called Dayside Productions.

Girard is the 2014-2015 APIASF Scholar, which granted him a scholarship from NBC Universal. He is also the recipient of the 2014 Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation Scholarship. He also received scholarships from Tortora Sillcox Family Foundation and Beatrice & Raymond Liebesman Completion Foundation. He currently pursuing an MFA in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College.

He currently manages the ePortfolio program at John Jay College and teaches film production at Hunter College. So yeah, he works, takes classes and manages to do various film productions.

Dayside Collaborators

David Kim

is an actor, animation student, wage slave and lover of digital media all rolled up into one. A graduate of Hunter College in Media Communications, he likes to fiddle with Photoshop, brainstorm short film ideas, and do his thing in front of the camera for Dayside Productions. His other profession is a web designer for various companies. When he isn’t working or killing time on Reddit, he enjoys playing (and losing) at Starcraft and Awesomenauts, sketching in the sketchpad, sing Broadway musicals to himself, trying to learn new skills, and is still trying to lose his freshmen 15. At times, he battles Girard in karaoke to see who can be the best on the mic while singing Backstreet Boys songs.

Sean Cameron

Sean Cameron

took drama class in High School and his first production was Robin Hood. It was a very exhilarating experience for him. Throughout his College years, he has done some background work to get a better idea on how things work behind the scenes. He was on the sets of: Step Up 3D, How to Make it America, and Ugly Betty. In 2012, Sean collaborated with Girard and Dayside Productions and gave him the chance to display his talents. “It was a Blessing. I considered Girard as one of my Guardian Angel because he always looked out for me, as far as roles are concerned.” says Sean of Girard. So now he has taken the time to figure out his options and focus on the necessities that would help make his dreams a reality.

Aside from acting and production, Sean Cameron Anthony is always hustling out and about in the streets of New York City. Girard uses him as his wing man/ body guard in his entourage because of his strong build and ethnicity. Many people fear the duo in the streets of New York.

Dayside Crew


Crysta Machado

is a latina filmmaker. Her interest in filmmaking began when she wrote about movie producers. She then went on to attend the Academy for Careers in Television and Film where she majored in directing and producing. During her four years, she worked on various short films, both narrative and documentary, including Game Addiction, which has won awards within the school. This cemented her love for the film industry. Crysta graduated with a BA in Film at Hunter College in 2016. She is currently a TA at New York Film Academy.


Karyn Salazar

is a Mexican American photographer and filmmaker living in the Bronx. She finds inspiration in her city’s splendor and diversity. In 2014, she joined forces with Dayside Productions where she worked behind the scenes of Twelve Stories Down, a documentary that relates the unconventional success story of a punk rock band from Brooklyn. A year later, she independently produced, The Domino Effect, which focuses on the untold story of a group of elderly men in her Bronx neighborhood. Other collaborations with Dayside includes: “Uzuhi,” “#Hero,” and most recently “Super Debt.” These films feature unfamiliar subjects and with unlikely heroes. Karyn is eager to continue creating unique content. She is confident that with Dayside Productions, the product will be unparalleled. She graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in Emerging Media and African Puerto Rican Latino studies from Hunter College.

Dayside Partners

Here are several other people that we regularly work with:

Karolina Tyszkowska – make-up artist from Beautiful Freak Make Up
Josef Von Schmidt – Wrestler, actor, and founder of Pro Wrestling Academy CT
Beany Ruprecht – Graphic artist from Holy Calamity Studios
Hen Zee – VFX and Fight Choreographer from Team PTX
John Mok – PA & Grips. Holds a BA in Theatre Management at Hunter College.
Seth Baird – Professional Actor (30 Rock, UCB, Smokescreen)
Chester Wai – Actor and PA. Holds a BA in Film at Queens College.

Dayside Alumni

Members who worked with Team Dayside:

Carolina Steele hails from Barranquilla, Colombia and started taking acting and production courses at LaGuardia Community College, and then to the CUNY BA Program. During video production class, she grew so much love for writing scripts and directing various projects.

Shaun Sato is a digital cinematographer and video editor. He took media studies at LaGuardia Community College because he wanted to study something that he’s already familiar of, and media studies just seemed to fit. Also, he didn’t want to fall into the cliché of being Filipino and taking nursing.

Chi Keung Lee is Dayside Productions’ production assistant and illustrator. He has been drawing for seven years and was inspired by video games and manga/anime art. He works on some of the logos and designs for Dayside Productions. He is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in Computer Animation and Interactive Media. His ultimate goal is be a famous illustrator, animator, and to publish his own manga. You can see his work at Deviant Art account.

Evalise Salas is a writer and aspiring teacher who is currently working on a BA in English and also at a busy cafe serving the “lovely” people of NYC. Crafty with her hands and her my words, she creates art that (hopefully) inspires and captivates people of all ages.

Director’s Statement

“I’m an artist. I do films. I make what I see inside my head come alive for other people to see. I type what I want to be seen. I gather people to make it happen. I capture that on camera. I edit and show it to the world. I get reactions from them. Most are positive. I get bad ones too. But it’s mostly good. I keep doing this because this is what I am. It makes me happy. It makes me feel alive.”

– Girard Tecson, Founder of Dayside Productions