Asian American Film Festival 2014


On July 27th 2014, Sean and I went to checked out the Asian American International Film Festival because we entered the AAFL’s 72 Hour Film Shootout. In the festival block, they showed the Top 10 Shoot Out films and category winners. We weren’t sure if we will be shown, but we wanted to make sure to check out other film competitors, as well as networking opportunity.


In the festival, Joyce, the actress in our film entry, joined us in viewing some of the great films. One by one we were stunned on how some of films they showed were pretty great quality and so professional. The actors were there and many did a great performance in their piece. We managed to bump into Jason Sol whose filmed was part of the Top 10.


At the end, our film “America’s Top Hairball” was part of the Top 10. There were more than 110 submission and we managed to be in the top with the other elite filmmakers. We couldn’t be more happier when we left the festival.



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