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SUPERHEROES: Special Effects Make-Up @ Youtube Space NY

As a filmmaker and makeup artist, it was important to me to be able to determine my source of inspiration as well as find a way to combine my arts. I knew horror was definitely my favorite genre, and Halloween, my favorite holiday. I found an old tube of fake blood left over from my zombie costume and it started from there. The costumes, the makeup, and the chance to be anything you want are what attracted me. I love … Continue reading

Still In Love With You: My Perspective on the Jonas

Everyone knows that nothing sells more than a group of hot teenage boys. Boy bands have been successful throughout time, however they’re careers are short lived. What happens? Those young fangirls grow up and the new generation don’t want to drool over the same boys as their older sisters. From Backstreet Boys and NSYNC to the Jonas Brothers and One Direction, I’ll admit I’m a huge fangirl at heart. While I could go on for hours about why I love … Continue reading

Codes & Modes at Hunter College

As a documentary filmmaker, I am always going to interesting events and conferences to expand my horizons. I went to a panel called “Documentary Film: Art or Agenda? Competing Paradigms in the World of Non-Fiction Film” at Hunter College. Joslyn Barnes hosted, while Whitney Dow, Julia Haslett, Jonathan Oppenheim and Jennie Livingston discussed documentary form and funding. First, in regards the title of the panel, “art or agenda,” I feel that the panelists definitely expressed their views in interesting ways. … Continue reading