Behind the Chinese Zelda film trailer


Hi, if it’s your first time here, well I guess you saw the trailer of Chinese Legend of Zelda and you wanted to know more about the people who made it. First thing is, thank you for watching it. Second, sorry if you didn’t enjoy it. The truth is we made this movie because we wanted to be different. If you search The Legend of Zelda fan made short films and feature films on Youtube, you’ll see plenty! Some good, some bad, but all were made with passion and love for the source material. It is the same with this one. Another passion of mine aside from the video games is Chinese action crime drama movies from stars like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen. So mix that up with Zelda, you’ll get what you just saw. Except on a 0 budget and with limited time since everyone who worked on it works or goes to school.

3 years ago, I made a parody trailer called Chinese Mario, a Chinese kung fu action movie based on Super Mario bros. It was a hit! The various websites wrote articles about it and it was praised since it was different, and some ways, better than the American live action movie. But I didn’t make a full short film of it. We had other projects in line because we focused on making a name in the Independent film scene because one of our films screened at Cannes Film Festival so we wanted to be considered serious artists.

I always wanted to do a full short film of Kung Fu Super Mario, but the tide had passed. So eventually I decided to a Chinese Crime Drama rendition of my favorite series The Legend of Zelda. So I gathered my crew in the Winter of 2015 throughout 2016 to plan and create the film.


It was tough! The main critique of the Mario trailer was that the Chinese pronunciations were off. They were Chinese Americans and their Chinese did not get any better. And the biggest hurdle was time. We all worked or go to school. I’m currently in Grad School at Hunter College, the actor who played Link is trying to get into Nursing school and the choreographer is working on his Ph.D, it was really tough to schedule. But we went for it anyway and did it because we love the craft. Action films, video games, and making movies are some of our passion. And we love it. I’ll post some more later when the movie is out.

– Girard, Director of Dayside Productions

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