Bling Watch!

I’m not much into accessories, I don’t do earrings, I don’t do necklace/chains, and I don’t do bracelets. With these lack of accessories, not too long ago, I started to wear a watch. Since the G-Shock watches have gotten more popular, I started to look into it. It’s a very durable sport watch that’s good for any active person like myself, plus it’s very stylish. I decided to purchase one ($90-$100), and I wanted to get the white color so it can go with anything, but then decided to get the grey ‘putty’ color instead because far too many people had the white one. So far, it’s great! I’ve been wearing it since I purchased it, even at the beach. I played basketball with it and on occasion I have banged it up on walls and on the ground, but it’s durable so there’s no harm done.

I’ve been wearing the G-Shock watch for almost a year now, so I’m deciding to get another watch. This time, I kinda want to get something more sophisticated while keeping the stylistic factor. I’ve been looking at gold watches, no not the ‘real’ gold ones (it’s outside my budget), but rather, the gold plated one to match my new gold C3PO New Era fitted cap. So far I’ve checked the retro Casio digital watch($60-$70), which is great because it’s cheap and it lights up, but the only bad part is that it’s not waterproof and not stainless steel, so it might leave those green/dark blue smudges on you if it lingers in your skin. Then there’s the Nixon($150-$180) which it a bit more pricey but it is stainless and looks very sophisticated, but it doesn’t lights up. I was about to get that too, but then I saw this: The Nixon 51-30 ($450). This is a stainless steel all gold watch, water resistant and it’s SUPER huge. This is one sick bling watch! The price is the only problem because it’s a bit much for something that’s just gold plated. But I just can’t get out the fact that it’s a huge all gold watch and it looks really good. I’ll probably save up money to get that one.

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