Blizzcon 2010 best costume: Sexy female Ghost

Blizzcon is one of the biggest convention for World of Warcraft players, or any games by Blizzard like Starcraft and Diablo. It’s a convention where people hear the new stuff coming out, get limited edition swag, witness tournaments, partake in the cosplay contest, play the new games and just socialize (something WoW players lack) outside their computers. The event was held in California, and the tickets sold out in minutes. I’m not a hardcore blizzard fan, I never even played WoW, but I do enjoy a few games of Starcraft 2, so that’s about it. I’m not too crazy about this convention, it’s probably filled with fat guys with glasses with nicknames like Lance Mirrormir and Blurg the Dark Niher holding a fake sword and shield.

But I was wrong.

My friend actually purchased a ticket to Blizzcon thru ebay, $250 from the $50 original price, and flew to Cali just for the event. When he came back he told me that the guy to girl ratio was about 60% guys to 40% girls. And most of the girls aren’t even fat stinky ones, rather, nice built that just came in for the cosplay contest. Then I checked the pics from the event, one cosplayer caught my eye… the female ghost. She went all out with that costume, the gun, the suit and it even lights up! And oh yeah, she even put contacts on to make an awesome effect. If I can get a girlfriend to dress up like that mmm…..

3 Responses to Blizzcon 2010 best costume: Sexy female Ghost

  1. Love the blog here. Nice colors. I am definitely staying tuned to this one. Hope to see more.

  2. My pal told me he’s a vampire but i don’t know if i should feel him or not.

  3. Awesome, that is precisely what I was scanning for! Your article just saved me alot of searching around

    I’ll make certain to put this in good use!