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Dayside Open Call! Apply Now!

Do you like making movies? Are your friends not committed into doing film projects? Do you want to surround yourself with other individuals that loves films and, more importantly, go on to production and make movies? Then read further! Just like what the post title says, I’m looking for passionate diverse individuals who would like to be a part of a team and take part of significant roles within film and video projects. We are a small crew that has … Continue reading

For the Love of the Kicks production…

I’m reshooting some scenes for my short film I did for grad class about a guy who wants to get back his beloved sneakers that was stolen prior. It’s a short film about the sneaker culture that takes on social class and race. I usually make comedy or sci-fi films, but this time, specially with the political issues we are currently faced with, I wanted to tell a story that matters. This combines my love of the sneaker culture and … Continue reading

Judge for 72 Hour Shootout

This just in! I was selected to be one of the Judges for this year’s 72 Hour Shootout! After our extraordinary win from last year’s competition, they want me to help out pick the winners for 2017. So watch out competitors, there’s a new judge in town, and I ain’t taking no bull crap videos in this competition. Do your best!

Film Project #1 (Hunter College)

If you don’t know yet, I’m currently doing my MFA at Hunter College in Integrated Media Arts with a focus on film production. I get to meet and work with other students with very diverse backgrounds and really great credentials. For script/film directing class I got paired up with Emmy Award winning Jeremy Levine, and the talented Mary Hanlon. Our first project is a silent film with some stage direction. Seeing these guys in action inspires me on why they … Continue reading

New Up For Nothing Doc

I already did a documentary of Brooklyn’s pop punk band Up For Nothing before. It was about sticking with your passion no matter what. In their case, it’s their music and friendship. A year later after finishing that documentary, the band announced that they are calling it quits. Wow…. I just had to make a new one… so we started filming interviews… again… and plan to do it throughout 2017…

Subway Doodle Documentary

I got in touch with the Instagram sensation graphic artist Subway Doodle. He and I are collaborating on an interesting mini documentary of his art and his rise to fame. As you see in the picture, he is in character throughout the doc. I’ll be recording more footage throughout the year, and hopefully bring this out by next year. *fingers crossed*

Team Dayside wins 2016 72 Hour Shootout!

We are proud to announce that Team Dayside won this year’s 2016 72 Hour Shootout Grand Prize! This year’s theme was “Lose the Labels” and we came up with a short comedy portraying Asian stereotypes and people who takes advantage of them. With over 100 submissions, they picked 10 to feature in the Asian American International Film Festival, and then picked the best of the best… us! Hooray!

Interview with Greg from The Kloons

I bumped into Greg from The Kloons when he was helping me set up a Google Hangout with Marvel’s Stan Lee. I didn’t know who he was at first, until he introduce himself in front of a workshop and introduced himself as one of the creative minds behind the group The Kloons. So I took the opportunity to get an interview with him and talk about his views on Youtube vs the film industry, as well as how he started … Continue reading

Dayside wins at CUNY Asian American Film Festival 2016!

Another win at the CUNY Asian American Film Festival 2016! It’s not the 1st place, but we got Runner-Up honors in the Short Documentary category for the short documentary Gift of Life. This short is about Prasha’s waiting period for new lungs as she lives her life day to day with oxygen tanks. It was great that she got to be in the screening post lung transplant!

Behind the Chinese Zelda film trailer

Hi, if it’s your first time here, well I guess you saw the trailer of Chinese Legend of Zelda and you wanted to know more about the people who made it. First thing is, thank you for watching it. Second, sorry if you didn’t enjoy it. The truth is we made this movie because we wanted to be different. If you search The Legend of Zelda fan made short films and feature films on Youtube, you’ll see plenty! Some good, … Continue reading