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Screening @ Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival!

Our superhero short film will be screening in the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival on April 23rd 2016, 10am, at the Muskogee Library in the Room Grant Foreman. We are also nominated for Best Student Short Comedy. We can’t make it to the screening since it’s all the way in Oklahoma (we are based in NYC), but we hope for people to see it and enjoy it. If you haven’t seen it, you can view it on our … Continue reading

Hunter College TV Studio with Scott Kiernan

We got to do a mini mockumentary with the great Scott Kiernan, the founder of ESP TV, one of the few people who still uses experimental vintage live Television switchers for media and performance art. It’s a pretty interesting piece showcasing my shenanigans during my live taping of my final project which I invited Josef Von Schmidt for a Talk Show.

Dayside featured on Brad Hall!

…. kind of. Brad Hall is a funny satire sneaker reviewer on Youtube. He recently is getting paid by Youtube and to give back to his viewers he will give free advertisement space on his video to anyone who signed up. It was too good to be true so I signed up anyway. Now look and behold, the picture I sent him was featured. It was hilarious. Here’s the video: If you like sneaker reviews with a funny twist, check … Continue reading

Cloud in Super Smash Brothers

O… M… G… that’s all I gotta say about this news…

Mad Tiger trailer

Peelander-Z is one of my favorite hometown band. It mixes punk with super insane Japanese visuals and activities. Just look them up on google if you don’t know, it’s just hard to explain. Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this trailer for over a year already. I knew a talented filmmaker, Jonathan Yi, was making a Peelander-Z documentary and I was curious on what angle he was doing since when I saw him filming the shows in early 2014. Now with … Continue reading

New Star Wars footage on Instagram!

As I was scrolling on my Instagram feed today, I noticed a post from Star Wars. At first I thought it was a clip from their previous trailer that they posted a few months ago, but when I noticed Boyega holding a lightsaber, I knew I haven’t seen that before… therefor, this is a brand spanking new teaser for the upcoming movie! A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on Aug 27, 2015 at 10:00am PDT I’m pretty excited about … Continue reading

The Hateful 8 trailer

The Weinstein Company just released the trailer for “The H8ful Eight/ The Hateful 8″ Quentin Tarantino’s 8th film (Coincidence? Maybe). The trailer shows some familiar faces that have worked with the Mastermind Mr. Tarantino and others who have been honored to come across his thought process as people of interest. The storyline has a very nostalgic feel to it. I have to say, I’m definitely looking forward to this film. Congratulations Quentin Tarantino, for going 8 films strong. Keep up … Continue reading

Deadpool Movie Red Band Trailer

Today August 4th 2015, Marvel Studios released the Deadpool Red Band Trailer, and I have to say that I am super excited to watch it! Ryan Reynolds really embodies the smart ass Anti-hero in more ways then his first appearance as the masked Badass.It makes absolute sense that the first trailer is a Red Band trailer, Deadpool doesn’t sugar coat anything for anyone (especially villians). There was a Green Lantern reference made in the trailer, let’s see if Deadpool could … Continue reading

Suicide Squad first trailer

During San Diego Comic Con, DC and Warner Bros. premiered the first trailer of the most anticipated super villain team movie ‘Suicide Squad.’ At first, there was a leaked footage during the weekend, but today, Warner Bros. uploaded the trailer in its HD glory. It’s pretty awesome. Harley Quinn looks hot. Killer Croc looks vicious. The Joker… let’s just say it is pretty freakin’ sweet. He has a pretty lengthly screen time on the trailer. Now all doubters can shut … Continue reading

The Rush

I am a big Starcraft fan. I’ve played all the games and loved every minute of it. I also like Freddie Wong videos on Youtube because he does awesome VFX and always has some video game theme in all his videos. Now mix both FreddieW and Starcraft together, and what do you get? This awesome short video called “The Rush.” It also stars Ellary Porterfield, widely known as Ki Swan from Freddie Wong’s Video Game High (she’s one of my … Continue reading