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Urban Action Showcase 2015

Our short film Super Debt was an Official Selection of the 3rd annual Urban Action Showcase 2015, film festival dedicated to diversity and action. It was a pretty cool film festival and expo because, as a person of color and a rebid action fan, this festival was for me. On Friday Nov. 7th, they held the opening ceremony reception at the HBO building by Bryant Park. They had an Vimeo Pro presentation to start it off, then a nice reception … Continue reading

NY Comic Con 2015

I can’t believe I totally missed NY Comic last year. That’s what happens when you’re in school full time with 2 jobs. You just miss things. Anyway, I took the opportunity to go to the convention this year. I wanted to cosplay something bold, something different… body paint. One of the raising stars in the wrestling world right now is NXT’s Fin Balor aka Prince Devitt in Japan or everywhere else. His body paint is on point. It has the … Continue reading

SUPERHEROES: Special Effects Make-Up @ Youtube Space NY

As a filmmaker and makeup artist, it was important to me to be able to determine my source of inspiration as well as find a way to combine my arts. I knew horror was definitely my favorite genre, and Halloween, my favorite holiday. I found an old tube of fake blood left over from my zombie costume and it started from there. The costumes, the makeup, and the chance to be anything you want are what attracted me. I love … Continue reading

10 Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy on Youtube workshop

So I’m starting my Youtube strategy again, I got a new show idea and I’d like to see if my hunch and what I’ve learned throughout my time doing Youtube video is correct. So I’m taking the free workshops at the Youtube Space NYC in Chelsea. This time, the topic is the “10 Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy on Youtube.” Upon arrival, we had some complementary drinks like coffee, water and soda (no alcohol) with chips and dips. A comedian/actor … Continue reading

Youtube Space NY Cultural Diversity Celebration 2014

I never been to the new Youtube Space NY facilities since they moved to the offices at the Chelsea market, so it was the perfect time to visit when they had an event called the “Cultural Diversity Celebration.” My friend and I went to check it out, and to our surprise, they had some surprise speakers like Timothy DeLaGhetto and Chescaleigh and 2 others that I am not familiar with. But before the speaking engagement, there were free food like … Continue reading

PAAFF 2014

We went to the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival because our short film “Mother’s Gift” was an Official Selection and went on to screen before the documentary “Plastic Paradise.” Of course, we had to represent ourselves and eventually visited the city of brotherly love. Since it was my first time in that city, I needed to go to some stops before heading out to the festival. Our first stop was the rocky steps in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, then … Continue reading

Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival 2014

My short film “Mother’s Gift” was chosen to screen at Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival 2014 on November 20th. I never heard of the film festival, but heck it was only $10 submission fee, it will be screened on a nice venue, and it was accessible with the NYC subway. Judging by the name, there will be a fashion show too. The festival was held at church like venue, and upon arrival, there was a bouncer checking IDs. I was … Continue reading

Codes & Modes at Hunter College

As a documentary filmmaker, I am always going to interesting events and conferences to expand my horizons. I went to a panel called “Documentary Film: Art or Agenda? Competing Paradigms in the World of Non-Fiction Film” at Hunter College. Joslyn Barnes hosted, while Whitney Dow, Julia Haslett, Jonathan Oppenheim and Jennie Livingston discussed documentary form and funding. First, in regards the title of the panel, “art or agenda,” I feel that the panelists definitely expressed their views in interesting ways. … Continue reading

Asian American Film Festival 2014

On July 27th 2014, Sean and I went to checked out the Asian American International Film Festival because we entered the AAFL’s 72 Hour Film Shootout. In the festival block, they showed the Top 10 Shoot Out films and category winners. We weren’t sure if we will be shown, but we wanted to make sure to check out other film competitors, as well as networking opportunity.   In the festival, Joyce, the actress in our film entry, joined us in … Continue reading

2014 Thomson Ave Film Festival

The LaGuardia’s 2014 Thomson Ave. Film Festival took place on June 10th, 7pm at the Black Box Theatre at their campus. Every year Dayside Productions participate and screen a film that we have done for the festival. I submitted two awesome projects that we complete years back, and those films were “The Fight For Love Game Show” and “The Last Bacon on Earth.” I had a few of the cast members to dress up as post-apocalyptic warriors to have fun … Continue reading