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Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival 2014

My short film “Mother’s Gift” was chosen to screen at Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival 2014 on November 20th. I never heard of the film festival, but heck it was only $10 submission fee, it will be screened on a nice venue, and it was accessible with the NYC subway. Judging by the name, there will be a fashion show too. The festival was held at church like venue, and upon arrival, there was a bouncer checking IDs. I was … Continue reading

Codes & Modes at Hunter College

As a documentary filmmaker, I am always going to interesting events and conferences to expand my horizons. I went to a panel called “Documentary Film: Art or Agenda? Competing Paradigms in the World of Non-Fiction Film” at Hunter College. Joslyn Barnes hosted, while Whitney Dow, Julia Haslett, Jonathan Oppenheim and Jennie Livingston discussed documentary form and funding. First, in regards the title of the panel, “art or agenda,” I feel that the panelists definitely expressed their views in interesting ways. … Continue reading

Asian American Film Festival 2014

On July 27th 2014, Sean and I went to checked out the Asian American International Film Festival because we entered the AAFL’s 72 Hour Film Shootout. In the festival block, they showed the Top 10 Shoot Out films and category winners. We weren’t sure if we will be shown, but we wanted to make sure to check out other film competitors, as well as networking opportunity.   In the festival, Joyce, the actress in our film entry, joined us in … Continue reading

2014 Thomson Ave Film Festival

The LaGuardia’s 2014 Thomson Ave. Film Festival took place on June 10th, 7pm at the Black Box Theatre at their campus. Every year Dayside Productions participate and screen a film that we have done for the festival. I submitted two awesome projects that we complete years back, and those films were “The Fight For Love Game Show” and “The Last Bacon on Earth.” I had a few of the cast members to dress up as post-apocalyptic warriors to have fun … Continue reading

My week at Cannes

I started taking my filmmaking endeavor seriously 3 years ago. As my skills progressed, my films have been featured and have won awards in several film festivals around the U.S. But nothing compares to what was in store for my crew and I last year when we won Best Picture at Hunter College’s Campus Movie Fest with our short film “This Moment.” Along winning a cool Director’s chair trophy, our film gets a chance to be selected to screen at … Continue reading

NY Comic Con 2013 Coverage

This year at NY Comic Con 2013, we wanted to make an informative approach. The goal is to cover the event and have the people at home who couldn’t attend the convention and insight on what it’s like to be at New York Comic. This time I co-hosted with one of my friend and a fellow actor, Sean Comeron, to cover some of the upcoming video games we played, cool booths, awesome show floor, the free swag and of course, … Continue reading

Top 7 Costumes @ NY Comic Con 2013

NY Comic Con is the haven for cosplayers in New York City. From comic book characters to anime to video games and even TV and movies, people love to dress up (and even act) like their favorite characters. Some just buys their costumes, while others spends countless of hours on days making their costumes and strutting it during the convention, and even winning awards at cosplay competitions. During my time at NY Comic Con 2013, I have picked out the … Continue reading

Thomson Ave Film Festival 2013

Team Dayside attended the 11th annual Thomson Avenue Film Festival at LaGuardia Community College. Their first ever documentary “Girard’s Journey” will be screening, as well as the award winning short film “This Moment.” It is a non competitive film festival so the Dayside Production crew dressed up for their red carpet entrance. Complete with paparazzi’s and video interviews, Girard of Team Dayside brought his wrestling championship belt looking like a million dollars. He was rudely interrupted by his arch-nemisis Josef … Continue reading

NY Comic Con 2012 coverage!

We got another Press Pass for this year’s NY Comic Con. I went all out and dressed up as Link from the Legend of Zelda series, the Twilight Princess version for Day 1 (Friday). I planned to cosplay different characters for each day, Link on Friday, Jesse from Breaking Bad on Saturday, and CM Punk on Sunday. Everything went smoothly for Friday, except for the fact that I was holding a freakin’ shield and sword from 10am to 7pm. I’m … Continue reading

2NE1 @ MTV Iggy’s Best New Band 2011 concert

It is just unbelievable. Yeah, I still can’t believe it. It was Monday, December 12th. I never thought in my life I would see the k-pop group 2NE1 live in MTV Iggy’s Best New Band 2011 concert. I listen to a lot of music, mainly Rock music, like Punk, Metal and Alternative. But I have a soft spot for pop music, especially international music from Korea and Japan. I haven’t listen to K-pop since the late 90’s with group such … Continue reading