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Sink by Up For Nothing (music video)

Up For Nothing – Sink (Music Video) (2014) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo. During the previous music videos I’ve made with Up For Nothing, it has always been fun and fast paced. But with this song “Sink,” I wanted to make it a bit serious and thought provoking. I got 2 great Asian American actors to play the daughter and the dad and they did their parts really well. It was so good, that the argument between the takes was … Continue reading

Mother’s Gift (short film)

Mother’s Gift (2014) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo. Synopsis: In a remote village in Indonesia, a young girl gathers recyclables to buy her mother a birthday gift. I filmed this during April 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was new in the area and it had very interesting locations, way different that the ones I’m used to in New York. I wanted to film something simple to showcase the location and the people that resides there. It only took 3 hours … Continue reading

Doritos Monster (commercial)

Doritos Monster (Commercial) (2014) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo. This was pretty awesome to make. It was our first time casting and working with child actors, which made it a fun shoot. Another aspect that made this shoot awesome was making the monster come alive. It was pretty cool to see it from a drawing to being live on set.

My week at Cannes

I started taking my filmmaking endeavor seriously 3 years ago. As my skills progressed, my films have been featured and have won awards in several film festivals around the U.S. But nothing compares to what was in store for my crew and I last year when we won Best Picture at Hunter College’s Campus Movie Fest with our short film “This Moment.” Along winning a cool Director’s chair trophy, our film gets a chance to be selected to screen at … Continue reading

My Red Valentine

For this year’s Valentines Day video, we got a chance to film with a dude with a Red Ranger costume. And it looks legit! And of course, the ever so beautiful Brooke Kelly decided to work with us again since she’s a fan of Power Rangers. So yeah, this heavy dialogue driven comedy short was something funny while being sweet at the same time.

Astig, New York (short film)

Astig, New York (2014) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo. I liked the idea of a Filipino American meeting a Filipino tourist and had to show that person around New York City. “Astig, New York” is based on Vincent Lin’s “Love, NY” but the Filipino version rather than Korean. We got to shoot at Payag restaurant which was nice of them, and many awesome places in New York City. It was pretty cold then, but we stood our ground and finished … Continue reading

The Legend of The Black Dragon

This is awesome collab with the talented Kevin Yee. We came up with an awesome story about an Asian American superhero and turned it into a musical! With Kevin’s awesome music skills, he did all the songs, and our production skills, we got this awesome superhero musical short. Hey, it got an Official from Dragon Con Film Festival 2013. Probably that Albert Chan song got stuck in their heads.

Doritos Epic Proposal

One of my favorite entry for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl commercial contest. In this one, we got the beautiful red head, Brooke Kelly, and our very own Seth Baird to star in this commercial. We also got to film at a real medical office. It turned out pretty awesome as you can see! My girlfriend actually came up with this idea. I wonder what she is trying to tell me…

NY Comic Con 2013 Coverage

This year at NY Comic Con 2013, we wanted to make an informative approach. The goal is to cover the event and have the people at home who couldn’t attend the convention and insight on what it’s like to be at New York Comic. This time I co-hosted with one of my friend and a fellow actor, Sean Comeron, to cover some of the upcoming video games we played, cool booths, awesome show floor, the free swag and of course, … Continue reading

The Last Bacon on Earth

Here is a very absurd short film we did for the Hormel’s Bacon Film Festival. I wanted a post apocalyptic theme, kinda like Mad Max and the Fall Out games, and made the scarce resource bacon. So it’s a pretty serious and grim video, until you notice them fighting over bacon. And oh yeah, Knives was hilarious as the king of the scavengers, making fun of Stan and all.