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One Punch Man episode 1 review

One Punch Man is an interesting anime. It’s about a really overpowered superhero who can defeat ANYBODY with one punch. My first thought was, “Then how the hell will you make that concept interesting?” The answer: with great story driven plot and characters that you can relate with crazy Japanese humor and visuals. Like this picture of a child with a scrotum as his chin. The anime’s protagonist is Saitama, who is a bored superhero with a broken super power: … Continue reading

Tangerine (2015) review

Dayside Productions attended to the the screening of Tangerine, a movie shot with a really low budget and filmed with just iPhones – you heard right willie. That little device you carry everywhere were the basic equipment they used to shoot this amazing movie. Tangerine focused on the lives of transgender women in a a shady part of Hollywood, California. The protagonist of the story is Sin-dee also who is also a prostitute and who also just got out of … Continue reading

AREPA’S café

Ever crave delicious Colombian/Venezuelan food on a rainy night? Well I did, and on my journey through the dripping streets of Astoria, Queens I was lucky enough to cross paths with Arepa’s café. This place was a hidden gem in Astoria and I took the risk of entering without glancing at the menu because my stomach could not wait any longer. Usually I am a bit pensive before entering a new spot, but once I was greeted with a plate … Continue reading

Laurie Simmons: How We See

How We See is a photo series that challenges the role of femininity in society. Laurie Simmons work is focused on capturing still lives in domesticated spaces she creates by using cosmetics, baby dolls, anime characters to comment on gender binary roles in our western culture. However, in this series she steps out of her comfort zone and captures portraits of six young women to portray the “doll girl” image to represent the alterations women must make in order to … Continue reading

Tomo III

If I want, I can walk a few blocks down to eat Greek food, walk a couple more and eat Brazilian or Colombian or even have some Polish, New Yorkers that live in the center of the city get to eat food from around the world. However, let’s be honest, almost nothing beats sushi, and if you are a fan like I am, I am going to tell you where to bring yourself and your friends to treat your taste … Continue reading

Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic

Kehinde Wiley’s exhibition, A New Republic challenges the world’s perspective on traditional standards of beauty in art. Wiley depicts the beauty people of color have and how their presence in art and in the world is equally as important as anyone other racial identity. In this exhibition, Wiley constructs a world where people of color appear to be in traditional European portraiture. He successfully challenges the standards traditional European art by juxtaposing non-traditional subjects in paintings from old masters through … Continue reading

Fresh Off the Boat (TV series) review

Fresh Off the Boat aired on February 4th, 2014, 8:30pm on the ABC channel. There was an event at the Circle club in Manhattan for a viewing party hosted by the main actor’s dad, Jeff Yang. The club can only hold 1,000 people but over 1,400 RSVP’d. It was cold and I didn’t feel like waiting in line, buy expensive drinks and then standing up to watch the show while another 999 people along with the child actor and his … Continue reading

Karate-Robo Zaborgar review

Growing up, tokusatsu shows like Ultraman, Kamen Rider Black, Bio-Man and even the American version of some of those shows, like Power Rangers, was some of my favorite shows to watch. They were action packed, super cheesy, hilarious, sometimes dramatic and visually crazy. I think that’s where my humor comes from, and the reason why I love those 80s’ bad good movies a lot, like any Vam Dam and Dolph Lundgren movies, and of course, Miami Connection and The FP. … Continue reading

The FP review

So I watched the 12 minute clip above, and it just got me into the whole post-apocalyptic/future world of “The FP.” The characters, costumes (them boots and eye patch!!), the colors, the music, the overall tone, felt like an 80s’ dude’s vision of the future. Then there are the cheesy lines – over the top, overly dramatic and some didn’t make sense. It looked like a serious movie about futuristic freedom fighters battling a corrupt group for The FP, whatever … Continue reading

Ace Attorney movie review

Hollywood tried to adapt many video games into film and failed miserably. I mean look at the movies in the 90s like Super Mario and Double Dragon, it is horrible and it made me cringe while vomit rushes through my throat in horror. Then you got DOA, Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat movies, all are complete garbage. The one that really hit me was the film adaptation of Final Fantasy. What the hell was that crap? There is no … Continue reading