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Casa De Mi Padre review

“Casa De Mi Padre” is a full Spanish comedy film that stars Will Ferrell, Diego Luna and that dude that played “Pedro” from Napoleon Dynamite. And yes, it is in Spanish language with English subtitles, it is set in Mexico, and it has a plot similar to a Spanish Soap Opera episode with a drug crime twist. It is suppose to be super overly dramatic, which Will Ferrell is perfect for, just like those Telenovelas. Some people get it, and … Continue reading

Safety Not Guaranteed review

Nowadays, a lot of romantic comedy follows the same formula and situations. Majority of the films todays is getting redundant and have no originality what so ever. Then you see an indie film with a fresh and awesome concept like Safety Not Guaranteed. This film is a cool romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist. The movie is about a magazine intern, played by Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreations TV series, who is writing a piece about an ad they … Continue reading

“Miami Connection” review & insight

When I was browsing through the Apple Trailers App to see trailers for any new movies coming out, I saw this weird movie poster that looked like it’s from the 80s.’ It has an odd Asian guy on the cover, a mustache dude with a guitar, a black guy with a mailbox, and ninjas on motorcycles, and it is complete with Miami retro colors. This poster got me at ninjas on motorcycles. The movie was called “Miami Connection” and I … Continue reading

“Moonrise Kingdom” review

During Halloween, and even in Comic Con, I noticed that people were dressing up as a boy scout with a lady partner that dressed in 60s’ clothing holding a basket and/or briefcase. Was there a new anime? New comic book characters? TV series? Movie? I didn’t know. Then I stumbled upon an article from Buzzfeed. Those characters are from an indie movie by Wes Anderson called “Moonrise Kingdom”! I just had to see that movie and find out why would … Continue reading

“Wreck-It Ralph” review

One of the highly anticipated movies of the year is Wreck-it Ralph because it’s the new Disney/Pixar movie and it is all about video games. It was just as what I expected, another Disney classic and a Pixar masterpiece. It didn’t dwell on video game references alone, and it had its own heart-warming story of a bad guy who wants to be a good guy. I totally loved this movie because of all the video game references. It’s fun to … Continue reading

CM Punk: Best in the World Documentary

I’m a big CM Punk fan if you haven’t noticed. I wore his T-shirt and hoodie during my time at the “Internet Icon” show, as well as several of my videos too. I also cosplyed as CM Punk during last year’s NY Comic Con. I even rocked his shirt (and some that isn’t his merch like the Bridge 9’s “Drug Free” shirt) when I was accepting an award at various film festivals. He’s currently one of my favorite wrestlers just … Continue reading

2x Review: Dredd & The Raid

Double review time! The new Judge Dredd movie and the international hit “The Raid” are both great action packed movies that is a must watch for any violent adrenaline junkie out there. They are both successful in the action genre because of the well executed fast paced action scenes, Dredd was with guns and explosions, and The Raid was with its martial art goodness. Both has the same plot, police officers trapped in an apartment complex and must survive as … Continue reading

Avatar: The Last Airbender Review (movie & cartoon series)

Life. That is something that this movie doesn’t have. Every element we loved about the Avatar cartoon is gone. The times that we laughed, the times that we cried, the thrill and wonders, are all gone. This movie can be described with one word: Lifeless. Fuck you M. Night Shyamalan! Let’s move back a bit. I recently just got into the Avatar cartoon since it was added on Netflix. All my friends recommended me to watch it since the spin … Continue reading

Rayman Origins review

Quick Review Time!!! Rayman Origins is not a kids game. It’s a game for everyone. My friends and I recently started playing this game because we wanted to play a 4 player co-op game, and no, not FPS games, but platformers, beat ‘em ups and tower defense games are the ones we preferred. To our surprise, we didn’t find much, because most games are co-op via online or 2 player co-op at most. So Rayman Origins is the best choice. … Continue reading

Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 review

The Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 is a very interesting lens being only one of its’ kind. Most of the fisheye lenses that are out right now are typically a fixed focal length, but this lens from Tokina makes an exception because it’s the only fisheye lens that zooms. Also, it is only available for Nikon and Canon mounts. There is a similar copy of this fisheye by Pentax, the DA 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 ED (IF) fisheye, which supposedly Tokina and Pentax worked … Continue reading