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Chinese Legend of Zelda short film (2016)

Well here it is. It was an up and down production with this one but we got it out for people to enjoy! It’s great that the trailer got a massive reception since I wasn’t prepared at all, but it was very encouraging. In fact, I was taking it easy since it barely had any views last week. But since it was trending on Facebook, I actually rushed the editing process to meet the promised May 5th release because people … Continue reading

Chinese Legend of Zelda Trailer

Here it is! A trailer to our newest Chinese themed crime drama action thriller based on a Nintendo franchise: Legend of Zelda. Be sure to watch it on May 5th, 2016 on our Youtube Channel DaysideTV. Enjoy the trailer:

Love, My Waifu (2016)

Here’s a project I did for my very first Grad School course at Hunter College’s Integrated Media Arts program. It is basically a commentary on a discussion we talked about in regards of reality, fantasy and performance. And yeah, I’m the only one who did a short film… about a waifu… in grad school.

The New Neighbor (Doritos Commercial 2015)

The New Neighbor is our last and final submission to the last Doritos Crash The Super Bowl commercial contest. The competition is fierce and our video won’t probably win anything. But we had fun doing it nonetheless. We had the talented Paige to star and act two roles. She did a lot of great improvisation and is a delightful actor to work with.

Hayley’s Prank Show!

Just in time for Halloween, here is Hayley’s prank show! We shot this short video at Youtube Space NY’s Halloween Cabin set. It was the most detailed set to date. The set consisted of a cabin made of real wood with real props such as a rusted tools, kid’s broken bicycle, broken chairs, dishes, weapons etc. There were hidden 2 hidden rooms with really creepy interior design. One consisted of just a bed with chains and scratch marks on the … Continue reading

A Case of Mistaken Identities (Short Film)

“A Case of Mistaken Identities” is the short film we submitted for Asian American Film Lab’s 72 Hour Shootout. We only had 72 hours when the the theme is given to write, shoot and edit; and then submit it to hopefully be part of the Top 10 film to screen at Asian American International Film Festival in the West Village Cinema theatre. We wanted to go for the win, so we met the night when the theme was given. The … Continue reading

Super Debt (short film)

Super Debt (2015) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo. Super Debt was a concept I did for YoutubeSpace NY when they were looking for scripts to be supervised by Marvel’s Stan Lee. I wanted to do something relatable with today’s financial debt crisis with a superhero element to it. And load and behold, we got picked to have a talk with Stan Lee. Youtube gave us a small stipend and the resources to film in their studios with awesome equipments to … Continue reading

Twelve Stories Down (documentary)

12 Stories Down (short documentary) (2014) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo. Synopsis: Up for Nothing, a pop/punk band from Brooklyn, has been together for almost a decade, but not without their ups and downs. I’ve done a lot of the band’s music videos over the years and have provided music for my films and videos. They were on of the inspirations of my award winning short film, “This Moment,” which is the same title of their song. Doing a VH1/MTV … Continue reading

Schmidt (documentary)

Schmidt (short documentary) (2014) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo. Synopsis: Here’s the man behind the controversial indie wrestler called Josef Von Schmidt. I met this guy during an indie wrestling show in Queens, NY. We heckled at him and he heckled back and said a lot of racist stuff. We’ve worked together on short films and videos ever since.

Sink by Up For Nothing (music video)

Up For Nothing – Sink (Music Video) (2014) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo. During the previous music videos I’ve made with Up For Nothing, it has always been fun and fast paced. But with this song “Sink,” I wanted to make it a bit serious and thought provoking. I got 2 great Asian American actors to play the daughter and the dad and they did their parts really well. It was so good, that the argument between the takes was … Continue reading