Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival 2014


My short film “Mother’s Gift” was chosen to screen at Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival 2014 on November 20th. I never heard of the film festival, but heck it was only $10 submission fee, it will be screened on a nice venue, and it was accessible with the NYC subway. Judging by the name, there will be a fashion show too.

The festival was held at church like venue, and upon arrival, there was a bouncer checking IDs. I was met at the table by festival workers where they confirmed me as one of the filmmakers, then I went through the doors to the festival where an opened bar took place. Funny thing is that there was a ticket requirement with the open bar, and I didn’t get any tickets or any badge. But heck, I wasn’t there to drink, but rather, I came to support my film.

There was a lot of independent vendors there selling jewelry and clothes. Almost like a market place. Then there was lot of photographers shooting models who were stationed at a small podium. It’s becoming more like a fashion event than a film event. But whatever, I just sat by and waited for the short films to start.

So the festival started, and a comedian with credentials from MTV was the host. He was funny and kinda drunk. Then there was a bit of a mic problem in the beginning, but the sound people yelled at him and he guest to speak on it when it was on. My short film came and I saw the people’s reactions of awe because my film was way different than the previous ones. They were comedy. Halfway through the screening, the speakers stopped working. He spoke loudly throughout the end of the short film screening. The fashion portion started and I left.

Well, I had mixed feelings with the festival. Next time for sure I’ll submit an uplifting movie and bring more friends.


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