“Circles” short film production WRAPPED!

We finally wrapped our newest drama short film called “Circles.” This time, I finally made one of my great actor (and youtuber) friend, Karim Metwaly, a lead for this short after having supporting roles in my various films. I wrote this short film during fall and begun shooting in on December.

After December, we had a long hiatus because the female lead I planned for this short had cancelled a few times. Plus, it was pretty hard to find and book a location (a girl’s bedroom). I decided to look for a new lead, and this was the time when Dayside Productions was getting noticed, and quite a few actresses were interested in the part. We shot some scenes with various actresses, but it just didn’t click. Then I met with Emily Wilk during ‘Romance of the Dead’ and I like her acting skill, her charm and her look was perfect for the part. I decided to add some recommendation from my good friend Seth, and brought Kami along, with Chen and Torri. This cast was perfect and diverse. So I decided to finish the rest of the shoot in one day. And we did. It was exhausting, but we did it, and it is done.

I wanted to follow up “The Last Farewell” with another serious drama about an underdog who questions ‘why do the pretty girls always have drama in their lives?’ I mean look in your facebook, and you will see that one pretty girl in your friends list who updates her status complaining about men or anything drama related. You’d think that with having so many admirers, they would have a drama free life, right? Maybe they just keep making the wrong choices and never learned from it. That’s what this short film is all about.

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