Dayside meets Stan Lee


“With great power there must also come great responsibility”

There are certain combinations of words that have the ability to connect with you. Words that symbolize a kind meaning that encourage you to flourish in your life. Stan Lee has the creative brilliance to connect audiences with his words and his comics. As former president for Marvel Comics, Stan Lee has left his mark on the comic world and has helped build a legacy for imagination and creativity for the generations that follow. Captain America, Spider-man, Iron Man, and Daredevil are memorable works that have paved the way for comic artist and filmmakers to contribute their own talent and expand the comic world.

Dayside with Stan

Dayside Productions, also known as Dayside TV, had the opportunity to chat with Stan Lee over their new collaborative project between YouTube and Stan Lee himself known as The YouTube Superheroes program. The YouTube Superheroes program is a selective new project that aims to bring to life two conceptual superhero short films from two YouTube channels in the east coast. Hundreds of YouTube channels submitted their scripts and the winners had the opportunity to have a video chat script consultation with Stan Lee, along with a two hundred dollar stipend to create the short film. As a member of Dayside Productions it was exciting to experience this moment with Director, Girard Tecson, Editor, Mike Budhu, and talented actor Sean Anthony Cameron. In this moment our childhood dreams came true and it seemed surreal to introduce our short film to a comic legend! Stan Lee shared his down to earth, witty, and sincere side with us and gave us a handful of advice as artists we will take with us for the rest of our lives. The root to success is to love what you make and make what you love. Stan Lee has lead through his actions that the priority should be to attract success with the endless effort you put into your work, rather than chasing fame.


Girard Tecson introduced new super hero Firebird, lead for upcoming short film Super Debt, and asked for some feedback in regard to her character in the film. After constructive feedback it we were eager to know Stan Lee’s process in realizing when a script is special. Stan Lee encouraged us to believe in the work and have fun before writing the perfect story. Before the time was up, he left us with a final question to motivate our creation process, to think of any work we do is good enough, one must remember if “it’s almost as good as Stan Lee would do?”

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