Dayside Open Call! Apply Now!


Do you like making movies? Are your friends not committed into doing film projects? Do you want to surround yourself with other individuals that loves films and, more importantly, go on to production and make movies? Then read further!

Just like what the post title says, I’m looking for passionate diverse individuals who would like to be a part of a team and take part of significant roles within film and video projects. We are a small crew that has been creating films and videos that were feature in many film festivals, won several awards and has gained million of views on the web. We are looking to expand with new members. Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Keep reading!

“Do you guys pay?” The honest answer is, hardly. When we get paid gigs from time to time and even sponsors, we divide the earnings based on the workload. But getting paid is just something we look for on the side because our main goal is to create content that can give us better credentials in the independent filmmaking scene. The more our films get featured and winning awards in festivals, and then write ups and buzz around our work, the better chances we can have our work looked at by people from Netflix, Amazon Hulu etc. Having creative control on movies or series from our original ideas for these companies is our main priority. Isn’t that better than just getting a couple of hundreds of dollars from gigs? If you’re looking for a day job, look else where. But if you’re still interested in making movies and bond with a crew, keep reading!

Our crew is very diverse and have the same passion in films and media. We aren’t those artsy fartsy stuck up film guys who will talk about Casablanca all day, but rather, anything relevant in today’s media and pop culture. So we rather talk about which version of Spider-Man is better, I personally think the new one is pretty cool, but Sam Raimi’s up there. We have a lot of interests in modern cinema, indie movies, comic books, videos games, anime and music from rock, pop, rap and hip hop. We aren’t just looking for collaborators and partners, we are looking for friends. Hah, sounds cheesy, but it’s true. We like to hangout like go to movies, have lunch/dinner, trips and vacations together.

We just don’t invite any average Joe’s into our crew (unless you have money and can provide funding for projects) we are looking for people with enthusiasm, passion and talent. The main roles we need filled are:

– Director of Photography
– Assistant Camera / Camera Operator
– Editor / VFX artist
– Producer / Production Manager / AD
– Production Assistant
– Audio Specialist / Sound Mixer

If interested in being part of our crew, or if you wanna learn more on who we are and our work, you can e-amil with your name, a personal statement and any links to any works you have (if any) and a current picture of yourself with a subject like ‘Dayside Crew.’

You must live in the NYC Tri-State area, or willing to travel to NYC, or willing to work at home for editors / VFX artist.

Remember, to make it in this business, it’s best to be a part of group that’s good at what they do and grow together, rather than doing everything yourself solo and wasting time and money.

Hope to hear from you!


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