Short Films

Black & Yellow (Postponed)
Trigger (Postponed)
Legit (Pre-Production)
For the Love of the Kicks (Post Production)
Sky’s The Limit (Post Production)
Flying Snake Attacks (2016)
Super Debt (2015)
Dark Town Role (2015)
A Case of Mistaken Identities (2015)
#Hero (2015)
Ordinary (2015)
Circles (2014)
Mother’s Gift (2014)
Astig, NY (2014)
Girard’s Journey: From Filmmaking to Pro Wrestling (2013)
This Moment (2013)
Romance of the Dead (2012)
The Last Farewell (2011)
For The Win (2011)
Dave & Leo (2010)
Signs & Prejudice (2010)
Taking Julia (2010)
A Good Man (2009)
The Girl is Mine (2008)
The Art of Cool (2007)



Up For Nothing: The End (In Production)
Breathe: Hope for Prasha (In Production)
Gift of Life (2016)
Uzuhi: The Last (2015)
Twelve Stories Down (2014)
Schmidt (2014)


Epic Trailers

Chinese Super Mario (2012)
Jeremy Lin the Movie: Before Linsanity (2012)


Music Videos

Sunday by Gelatine (Post-Production)
Flippin’ Tables by Aldous & Girard (Post-Production)
Supergirl by Waty (Post-Production)
Sink by Up For Nothing (2014)
This Moment by Up For Nothing (2013)
Smile by Waty (2012)
Bad Boy by Big Bang (M/V cover) (2012)
Number 1 by Triangle Offense, Girard, Jake & Miso (2011)
The Slouch by Up For Nothing (2011)
The Lazy Song (Acoustic Cover Live) by Waty (2011)
Can’t Get Away/After Midnight by Up For Nothing (2011)
Beautiful Mess by Waty (2011)
FTW(For The Win) by Marq, Girard, Flo & Lan (2010)


Youtube Short Films

The Legend of Zelda: a HK Action Crime Drama (2016)
Love, My Waifu (2015)
America’s Top Hairball (2014)
My Red Valentine (2014)
Cross Culture Love (2013)
The Last Bacon on Earth (2013)
The Legend of The Black Dragon (2013)
Slender: The 8 Pages (2012)
Fight For Love Game Show! (2012)
Unseen (2012)


Feature Films

The Devil in the Bagel Shop (Pre-Production)
The Fight for Love (2009)
Battle Attractions (2004)


Web Series

Lisa’s Game (2012)
Super Twins web series (2011)
Bored at The Editing Room (2011)
Something about… (2011)


Other Works

Unofficial Commercials
The New Neighbor (Doritos)(2015)
The Monster with Doritos Teeth (Doritos)(2014)
Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge (2014)
Epic Proposal (Doritos)(2013)
Viking Frenemies (Doritos)(2013)
Fan Girls (Doritos)(2013)
Cracker Jacks Yoga (2013)
Back to you (Doritos)(2012)
Zombie Bait(Doritos)(2012)
Rock, Paper, Scissor, Dog (Doritos)(2012)
Nestle ButterFinger’s new spokeperson (2012)
Bret Hart vintage shades (2012)
Jolly Rancher’s Chewy & Crunchy Dance! (2011)
Double D’s (Doritos)(2011)
Dell’s Thin & Powerfull research (2011)
Trident Layers Gum robbery! (2011)

Official Commercial
Pro Wrestling Academy CT (2013)

Conquering Debt (2014)
Credit to the Future (2012)
Debt Comedy Jam: Debt is no Joke! (2010)
Korean Vote Drama (2010)

The G-Spot Radio episodes (2010)
Episode 9 with Hank Chien
Episode 8 with Reni Mimura
Episode 7 with Eunice
Episode 6 with Ryan Bandong
Episode 5 with Reni Mimura
Episode 4 with Epic Beardman & Ken
Episode 3 with J’amie & I
Episode 2 with April’s End
Episode 1 with NoirceuR, Uzuhi & Andrew Kim

Billy Mitchell series (2010)
Billy vs Steve vs Hank

Lip Dub
Change the World by V6 (2005)