GD’s Sunglasses

As you know, I follow K-pop because of their catchy tunes and the outrageous fashion styles. I usually check out the artists at YG Entertainment because their music and fashion are very loud and none like no other. I mean look at 2NE1, they got some great connections with Adidas and the fashion designer Jeremy Scott, which got me buying those cheetah sneakers I wore at Internet Icon. Then we got G-Dragon and the rest of Big Bang.

When I was watching the preview video for his new music video “Crayon,” I just had to get those sunglasses. It has the aura of the 80s’ neon color scheme glass and the fresh lightning zig zag frame. I did a little more research and they are made by Neff and it is available on American retailer called Zummies. That store just opened up at Queens Center Mall recently! Lucky me! But it recently just sold out, even online as well. It doesn’t matter since I got mine ordered just in time for my next music video.

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