Jordan 1.5 Chicago OG


Months earlier, the Jordan 1 Chicago was released a few years back. Then the OG version was released just a few months ago. That one was more sought after, making the $150 sneaker to be reselling up to $500. Even the regular release went up in price because of the hype. A lot of regular sneaker heads missed out on this because resellers went hard. But Jordan had released the Jordan 1.5 Chicago OG version.


This version has the same colorway as the other releases, but the only difference is the bottom has the Jordan 2 model bottom with the Jordan wings that says Nike rather than Air Jordan. The Nike tongue tag is different too, it is black rather than red.


It’s also a historic release because this model was worn by Michael Jordan during the 80s’ when Nike was testing out the new bottom for the Jordan 2 release, and of course, this was never released before, until now.

On the day of the release, I was expecting there would be a line for these bad boys. I mean, it is the first release of this model and the OG colorway is perfect for the ones who missed out on the previous releases. And load and behold no one was lining up for these, and I copped my size without waiting. I even had the opportunity to cop the Jordan 7 Bordeaux when someone returned it, but it was a half size too small. It was a pleasant experience getting these and I can’t wait to rock them.


Anyway, sneaker releases should be like this. You go in to the store and you go out. No camping, no tickets, no wrist bands or whatever.

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