Karate-Robo Zaborgar review


Growing up, tokusatsu shows like Ultraman, Kamen Rider Black, Bio-Man and even the American version of some of those shows, like Power Rangers, was some of my favorite shows to watch. They were action packed, super cheesy, hilarious, sometimes dramatic and visually crazy. I think that’s where my humor comes from, and the reason why I love those 80s’ bad good movies a lot, like any Vam Dam and Dolph Lundgren movies, and of course, Miami Connection and The FP. So when I stumbled upon a title on Netflix called “Karate-Robo Zaborgar” with a cool ass looking robot on the cover, I just had to watch it. And what I was in for was something unexpected because the weirdness factor was a triple home run.

karate robo zaborgar

Karate Robo-Zaborgar is a full feature remake of a 70s’ tokusatsu series (52 episodes in all!) called Denjin Zarboger. It’s about a secret policeman, Yutaka, who is a master martial artist, and his trusty robot companion Zaborgar, that can transform to a motorcycle, out to save the day from an evil cyborg organization called Sigma who is out to abduct business leaders and harvest their DNA. Now that is a plot. Besides the crazy plot, the movie captures the essence of a tokusatsu series, action-packed, super cheesy, hilarious, overly dramatic and visually crazy. Times that by a million with all those elements, because this movie is over the top crazy and it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes is funny.

Miss borg

What I like about this movie is that it doesn’t take itself seriously, so they went all out and had fun with it. I mean c’mon, it’s original synopsis alone is just crazy as is: a master martial artist secret police with his motor cycle transforming martial artist cyborg buddy is crazy enough, but add in more crazy visuals like a scrotum shaped flying bad guy’s base, breast missiles, catching bullets with fingers, and dinosaur breast (!), just to name a few, there are a lot more to list, actually, one more, human to cyborg tentacle non-nudity sex. There are surprises in every turn, and it will often catch you off guard with its zaniness and creativity. I found it hilarious and enjoyable from the beginning til the end. Plus, aside from the weirdness factor, it is actually well shot, cool vfx, and even great acting despite the weird stuff the actors have to go through. The characters are great and funny, and the actors did a great job portraying them, even Zaborgar the robot cried (what!?!). One of my favorite scenes was when Miss Borg retreated, Yutaka raised his fist high and yelled “Never Forgive!” over and over again as the police wondered in awe and says, “This guy has issues.” I don’t want to spoil anything since you’ll be surprise on how crazy this movie is, so just watch it. One more thing, there is a villainous robot called Diarrhea Robot. Crazy Stuff.

If you like tokusatsu and over the top hilarious and weird movies, you’ll love this 2 hour feature film. But if you are a hardcore tokusatsu, you’ll probably won’t like it because it makes fun of the genre and its over the top craziness. So watch it if you’re into a fun and hilarious time with friends! It’s on Netflix now!


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