Kevin Owens shirt


Wrestling shirts has been a little stale lately. I haven’t bought one for a while now. But when a popular indie wrestler like Kevin Steen shows up and makes an impact, that’s when the creative will get on their thinking caps on and start making something cool for the fans to spend their money on. Load and be hold, his new in ring name is Kevin Owens. It seems like regular name. But look at it again. K.O. That’s pretty awesome specially when his persona is all about fighting and winning at any cost.


The shirt itself is pretty simple. The letters K and O. in like a duct tape type of font. But seriously. K.O. It’s that damn awesome. Now a few weeks later after his debut in NXT a lot of people has already started wearing it on other NXT shows as well as RAW and Smackdown. I’ll most likely order mine soon too.


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