NY Comic Con 2015

I can’t believe I totally missed NY Comic last year. That’s what happens when you’re in school full time with 2 jobs. You just miss things. Anyway, I took the opportunity to go to the convention this year. I wanted to cosplay something bold, something different… body paint. One of the raising stars in the wrestling world right now is NXT’s Fin Balor aka Prince Devitt in Japan or everywhere else. His body paint is on point. It has the influence of Venom and Carnage while sticking to a fighting spirit theme. So I had to do it with the help of Karolina from Beautiful Freak Make up. She did such a fantastic job that many wrestling fans complimented it.

Overall, the convention this year was the same as the previous years. People in costumes, famous people in panels, vendors, artist etc. I got nothing new to say… well it’s because I’m pretty dissapointed I didn’t get an autograph from the artist and writer of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto. There were many hardcore fans who would camp out 12 hours just to get his autograph. I guess I’m not that hardcore.

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