One Punch Man episode 1 review


One Punch Man is an interesting anime. It’s about a really overpowered superhero who can defeat ANYBODY with one punch. My first thought was, “Then how the hell will you make that concept interesting?” The answer: with great story driven plot and characters that you can relate with crazy Japanese humor and visuals. Like this picture of a child with a scrotum as his chin.


The anime’s protagonist is Saitama, who is a bored superhero with a broken super power: a single deadly punch that can KO/kill instantly. He ventures on to battle stronger villains that can match strengths (but never does), and also try to gain respect from the community and the superhero league (in the later episodes). But with his plain look and bored demeanor, he is often not taken seriously and is often being laughed at.


In the first episode, you’ll get introduced to a world where weird monsters and villains, like a crab/lobster like monster appears out of the blue and terrorizes the populace. And then when Saitama comes down. At first you think he is a wimp, a bald guy with a stupid costume and that dumb look he is always sporting. But with just one punch, the battle ends. His overall attitude shows. Dumbfounded. Hopelessness. Bored. His enthusiasm quickly becomes disappointment because he is just too powerful. His smile is gone. That’s basically his introduction to the series. And it got me hooked. The future episodes introduces a cyborg that wants to be his disciple and then the hilarious Superhero community. The animation is fluid and the story is pretty unique compared to the animes that are out right now. You can catch the series at Neon Alley and Hulu.

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