PAAFF 2014


We went to the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival because our short film “Mother’s Gift” was an Official Selection and went on to screen before the documentary “Plastic Paradise.” Of course, we had to represent ourselves and eventually visited the city of brotherly love.

Since it was my first time in that city, I needed to go to some stops before heading out to the festival. Our first stop was the rocky steps in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, then the statue on the side of the steps. Secondly, we wanted to try out the Philly cheese steak from Genos and Pats. Pats was better. We headed to the festival right after.


Upon arrival at the festival, we were greeted and was handed our Filmmakers and VIP badges that came with a complimentary bag from HBO. Since we were there early, we checked out the documentary called “9 Man,” about a competitive Chinese volley ball league. It was intense and pretty fun to watch. Now I understand to why some games I see on the park had too many people and it looked like they ‘carry’ the ball over the net. If you have chance, check it out. I’ll review the movie later on.


The screening for our block was a bit late and half of the people left already. But no matter, at least me and guys were there to check it out and a few others as well. I guess the people liked it and it was pretty cool to see them react to it. The main movie after my short film was “Plastic Paradise,” a documentary on how plastics are harming the environment. It is very informative and interesting. We had to leave in the middle because our bus was boarding soon and we didn’t really know our way around. So we were left with a cliffhanger. Anyway, our visit in the festival was fun and definitely would love to have our films be shown again to visit the wonderful city. And also eat that yummy cheese steak again.


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