SUPERHEROES: Special Effects Make-Up @ Youtube Space NY

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As a filmmaker and makeup artist, it was important to me to be able to determine my source of inspiration as well as find a way to combine my arts. I knew horror was definitely my favorite genre, and Halloween, my favorite holiday. I found an old tube of fake blood left over from my zombie costume and it started from there.

The costumes, the makeup, and the chance to be anything you want are what attracted me. I love the ability to travel into another world, if even for just a moment. The films I love to watch and hope to make allow for that escape from reality. Very rarely can a person watch a horror movie and say they have experienced the same thing. Makeup can transform a face or body to be anything.

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At the moment, I focus on recreating burns, bruises and cuts. While most people don’t think of a bruise or cut as artwork, I look at it as different colors, shapes and textures. To take an arm that is not bruised and to be able to use various shades of blue and red lipsticks to create a bruise is art to me. A major aspect of my artwork is that I like to make the best use of average, everyday supplies that most people wouldn’t expect to use. For instance, not many people believe that toilet paper can be made to look like ripped flesh.

One of my goals with my art is to create a reaction. Whether it is people loving what I have done or being completely disgusted by it. I love when art induces strong emotions. My biggest inspiration is the reactions my looks receive. “What happened?” “Is that real?” and “Oh my God!”

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I recently was fortunate enough to attend a special effects makeup workshop at YouTube Space New York, where I got to meet so many aspiring makeup artists, as well as learn fundamental skills from the pros. We were taught everything from applying prosthetics, to making cuts and bruises, to beauty makeup, such as a sultry smoky eye look.

There were Ben Nye makeup kits at each station and we got to experiment and create our own looks. By the end of the night, everyone in the room was covered in blood (fake, of course!)

I was able to leave the YouTube Space with a whole kit of Ben Nye products to use on future projects, as well as knowledge of new tips and tricks. I’m excited to continue expanding my makeup skills now.

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