Supreme x Jordan 5


For the first time ever, Supreme will collaborate with the Jordan brand. Now watch all the hypebeasts drool in awe and set their sights on these. Yeah. I do like the whole Supreme brand and its influences, but I hate the hype. It opens new doors to resellers. People who buy these to gain profit rather than just enjoy the product. These will retail for $250 and will resell for about $600 to $700. Assholes.


Anyway, let’s talk about the shoes. Jordan 5s are pretty comfortable and looks great on its own. Mix that with Supreme’s signature marks and we got a crazy stylish concoction that defines a hypebeast. The collaboration have 3 different versions, the camo, black and white. I’m focusing on the camo pair because it looks unique and the best out of the 3. First off, the camo print is pretty awesome. It’s different. I like the Supereme logo on the side panel that says “Sup.” And then the 94 by the heel that replaces Jordan’s 23. Overall, this is pretty sweet. But getting it will be impossible because of the hype.


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