Tangerine (2015) review


Dayside Productions attended to the the screening of Tangerine, a movie shot with a really low budget and filmed with just iPhones – you heard right willie. That little device you carry everywhere were the basic equipment they used to shoot this amazing movie.

Tangerine focused on the lives of transgender women in a a shady part of Hollywood, California. The protagonist of the story is Sin-dee also who is also a prostitute and who also just got out of jail and it’s back on the block. Dee’s best friend, Alexandra accidentally tells Sin-dee her beloved boyfriend has cheated on her while she was in jail. This becomes a journey both Alexandra and Sin-dee embark on not knowing what the day will bring them. (which is a lot guys, trust me)

Tangerine is raw, and it’s not afraid to insult or hit you in the gut. It’s funny and it puts the bonds of friendship, identity and family on the line creating a wonderful intense story to watch.

group shot

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