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So I watched the 12 minute clip above, and it just got me into the whole post-apocalyptic/future world of “The FP.” The characters, costumes (them boots and eye patch!!), the colors, the music, the overall tone, felt like an 80s’ dude’s vision of the future. Then there are the cheesy lines – over the top, overly dramatic and some didn’t make sense. It looked like a serious movie about futuristic freedom fighters battling a corrupt group for The FP, whatever that is. Then it hit the 5 minute mark, the whole opening sequence took a curve ball and made it another movie, once it was revealed that it was all about a dance video game called “Beat Beat Revelation.” I just had to see the full movie.

Draft House Films pave way to such movies as “Miami Connection” and made it an instant cult hit. Then I saw “The FP” and it got me interested in the whole good bad movie that made Miami Connection enjoyable to watch. But in The FP’s case, it was made to be bad, like 80s’ B movie bad.

the fp

The FP follows the main protagonist JTRO who quit playing the dance game, Beat Beat Revelation, after the death of his brother, BTRO, and losing all street cred with his crew, and came the reign of their rival crew who took control of their hometown Frazier Park. Now JTRO has to rise up, train, and defeat the rival gang’s leader to take back his hometown. So that’s what the “FP” stands for.


As the movie goes on, it looks less and less like a sci-fi flick that the movie introduces as in the first 10 minutes of it, and it became more like a bunch of trailer park kids trying to get respect by playing a dance video game. It doesn’t destroy the movie, no, but rather, made it much more funnier to see how these people are taking the dance video game so seriously. The plot follows majority of the 80s’ underdog story, the hero needs to save the town, trains and has to go through several hurdles up until the showdown with the main protagonist. It’s complete with hilarious training montage! JTRO’s journey is funny and interesting, and at times, weird, but enjoyable none the less because of the fact that this whole movie is about a damn dancing game. The lines are over the top, dramatic and always serious, but it can’t be taken seriously because everything in the movie centers around a dumb dancing game, so it ends up being funny. Then there are of course, those motivational speeches the supporting characters have to say in order to motivate the main protagonist, though it is very motivational and dramatic, it still can’t be taken seriously because it’s about a stupid dance game. Oh yeah, you have to check out KCDC’s speech, which is one of the funniest moments in the movie.


The movie is actually well made. It has an indie low budget feel, but it looks great. The lighting is good, the storytelling is good and the acting… I guess it’s good if we were in the 80s.’ But that’s charm of it. It isn’t for everybody. It can’t be taken seriously. It’s more like a movie parody of an old 80s’ B movie and it is a damn great and funny parody. Warning though, do not watch it by yourself, but rather, watch it with a group of friends that enjoys good bad movies and you guys will have a good time.

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