The Sneaker Game

Growing up in the 90s’ Michael Jordan was one of my favorite basketball players, right next to Patrick Ewing and Grant Hill. I never really had Jordan sneakers because, let’s just say, I wasn’t really concerned about fashion back then and the shoes were really expensive. Anything over $100 is like too ridiculous to spend on just a sneaker since N64 games are like $60 a pop and they provide hours, weeks and even months of fun! But when I grew up, made money, and started to become presentable since my main thing now is media, I got into fashion and its relevance.


I fell in love with Jordan sneakers when I saw G-Dragon of Big Bang rocking the Jordan 4 Fire Red during an interview from his single “Crayon.” It looked hot and fresh, I wanted one. Unfortunately, at that time, that color way wasn’t on sale, rather, the release of the Jordan 4 Black Cement was just within a few weeks. That’s the time when I did a little research in the whole sneaker community. Whenever there are popular Jordan sneakers that gets released, they will always get sold out within the time it gets released to the public, which is like within minutes to just an hour. That’s why I see a lot of people camping out the night before the release in a sneaker stores like a Footlocker. And then there are some people who wait online on several sneaker websites, which is a bit risky due to the enormous amount of online traffic trying to get the same item that is about a 50% chance to get due to site glitches and errors, plus add shipping and handling to that order too. So yeah, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I started this adventure on obtaining some Jordan retro sneakers.

4 Black Cement

The first ever “copped” (sneaker head’s word “to obtain”) was the Jordan 4 Black Cement. When I read that these sneakers were going to be having an early released on Black Friday, I waited on line in front of a Modells one hour prior to its release. There were a handful of people waiting, but unfortunately for me, they all have tickets that were given out 2 days before its release, and I have none. So yeah, there was no use waiting if I can’t get a guarantee on copping those Jordan with my size. That night was very disappointing, so I was pretty determined to get them the next day when they were released publicly. So I set my alarm clock at 7:45am.

Saturday morning came, my alarm clock woke me up at exactly 7:45am. I was ready for the online release for those Jordan 4, and I got the Footlocker and Finishline website opened in my Safari and Firefox browsers. When 8am hit, I refreshed the websites and it seemed that it had gotten very slow. And when I tried to check out my purchase at the Footlocker website, it seemed that it had reached its limit with the orders. I looked at the time, it was only 8:02am. Did I fail again? I refreshed it every 20 seconds to see if it goes through, but it keeps telling me the same thing. While in the Finishline website, it had an automatic 30 second refresh just to get in to the website to get the order, in other words, it was like a virtual internet line. 20 minutes passed, constantly refreshing the Footlocker website with my order and looking at the refesh countdown in the Finishline website, for some reason, I got in the Finishline website. I quickly chose my size, checked out and added my billing info and then got a confirmation of my order. I felt accomplished, as if I won the lottery. I went back to sleep afterwards feeling like a winner. 2 weeks later, I got my Jordans, I rocked it feeling fresh and got a lot of compliments due to its popularity and rarity. That’s the time when I got into the sneaker game.


Ever since then, I copped a couple more Jordans like Jordan 13 “He Got Game” since the 13s’ was a favorite of mine since Junior High, and also the Jordan 1 “The Joker” color way. I also bought the Jordan 5 Wolf Grey on ebay since that color way wasn’t coming out anytime soon, and it was one of my favorites. One thing I missed out on was the Jordan 3s’ The Joker, since the 3s’ wasn’t very appealing to me, but the color way made it really cool. I was quickly getting hooked with the Jordan brand, yet, I have not been waiting on a physical line yet until the Jordan 4 Fire Red was getting restocked and it was only available in stores and not online.

Every now and then, the Jordan brand restocks a few Jordan retros and color ways for the new fiscal year. The one that I really wanted was the Jordan 4 Fire Red because that’s the sneakers that got me into the game in the first place. And that particular Jordan was only available for purchase in store only, which forces me to get up early. So I planned on getting to a Footlocker in 34th st. 30 minutes before 8am store opening. It was practically hard to wake up on a Saturday morning, when I slept late on that Friday night, so I didn’t have a good time waking up. Thinking about the people who camps out prior to the release and the chances of me getting one, it was a restock, so most likely the hardcore ones already got them earlier in the year, and the ones who planned on getting them are the ones who missed out during the initial release (like me) and resellers. So I did my calculations and it thought that not many people would line up for them.


I got to the 34th st. Footlocker at exactly 8am during its opening time, and when I looked over to the store, to my surprise, there was no one in line! I rushed quickly towards the store to get it, but the doors were still locked, a worker came and opened the door and told me the line is behind the building and it was an avenue long. I know for a fact an NYC avenue is pretty long, so I said “oh hell no” and thought of my back up plan, there was a new Footlocker a block away so I headed there instead of waiting on that long ass line. When I got to the 2nd Footlocker, there was about 15 people waiting, and yes, I’d settle for that Footlocker location because 15 people is nothing compared to an avenue long line, which is about 200 people. I waited about 10 minutes and got my sneakers with my size. It was another win. But it was super early, so when I got home, I knocked out and took a long ass nap like a champion.


I finally got the sneakers that got me into the sneaker game. The feeling of accomplishment and greatness rushed through as I look at these sneakers. Then the Jordan 11’s Low True Reds was announced to come out the next month which gave me another outlook on the sneaker game. But that’s another story, so stay tuned for the next post.


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