The Year of the 6s

Michael Jordan #23

2014 was called the year of the 6s because the Jordan brand released a lot of the retro colors of that style throughout the year, even giving homage to an anime series “Slam Dunk.” The Jordan 6s weren’t one of my favorite styles; I like the Jordan 1s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and the 13s. But after really looking into the history of the 6th Jordan shoe, I can see why they are celebrated. It was the shoe that Michael Jordan first won his NBA Championship. I also like the fact that the main protagonist of the anime “Slam Dunk,” Hanamichi, wore the Jordan 6 white/infrared as his first sneaker in the beginning of the anime. He later on used the Jordan 1 bred by the end of the series.


Throughout the year, the 6s grew up on me. I ended up buying the white/sports blue when I saw them on the shelves one day at footlocker. It’s pretty comfortable and just looks different from the traditional tongue. It has a rubber tongue with 2 holes on it. I kinda like the unique look.


Eventually, I wanted the Slam Dunk 6s because I recently finished watching the anime. Unfortunately, they were very limited and the resell prices were ridiculous. Instead, I ended up buying the Black Infrared 6s. It was the same color way that Michael Jordan used during his first big win. Plus the 3M looks really awesome. I bought it close to retail price, so I had no regrets.


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