Time traveler caught in 1928!

I noticed a video article on Yahoo about a time traveler caught on tape talking on a cellphone in 1928! Oh my! Aside from the annoying commentary from the Yahoo video, the footage was shown in channel 2’s The Early Show and startled the hosts(see pic below). It showed a 2 second clip of an old lady talking on her cellphone… in the late 1920s’! Wait what?! Yeah, I know it’s kinda stupid, specially when the actual hosts conclusion was that it’s a time traveler. That time traveler would be pretty stupid to get caught on film with a cellphone, but who is she talking to? Someone in the future? Doesn’t anyone think it’s pretty weird to see some old lady speaking to a small machine back then?

The thought of having a time traveler caught on tape is pretty, but if you think about it rationally, it’s not possible(or is it?). Sorry to bursts anyone’s bubble but this footage is found on a late 1920s’ Charlie Chaplin movie. Yes, a on a movie set. And what the lady was holding wasn’t a cellphone but an old hearing aid called Western Electric Model 34A “Audiphone” Carbon Hearing Aid that was introduced in 1925. There you go, mystery solved. But man, if time traveling was possible, I could do so much cool stuff like ride a dinosaur, punch Hitler or talk to Leonardo Da Vinci.

2 Responses to Time traveler caught in 1928!

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    • if this was a hearing aid then WHO THE HECK IS SHE TALKIN TO??? she stops for a sec and she skaeps to someone with her little gizmo aka? hearin aid for the most of you .if she was talkin to her husband which was the old man in the start of the video wouldnt he stopped to talk to her back??the old man is walkin the woman follows him she talks to someone andthe old man keeps walking payin no attention doesnt make any sense i am tellin u this video is realshe is the TERMINATOR lol