Tomo III


If I want, I can walk a few blocks down to eat Greek food, walk a couple more and eat Brazilian or Colombian or even have some Polish, New Yorkers that live in the center of the city get to eat food from around the world. However, let’s be honest, almost nothing beats sushi, and if you are a fan like I am, I am going to tell you where to bring yourself and your friends to treat your taste buds.

Tomo III is a Japanese restaurant with two location in Queens, NY, one in Jackson Heights and one in Elmhurst. I remember when I used to hate sushi, the sad, lonely bad days of my life, now gone thanks to Tomo III. The ambience of the room at Tomo was everything, cozy, personal and they also feature this interesting fish tank whose fish I’d compare to my grumpy math teacher in high school, but let’s not remember that.


Tomo also has a sushi bar where you can sit in front of the handsome chefs, where things can get really emotional as you taste the food, and really want to thank them for their great work. The first time I came I started off with an appetizer, I ordered fried shrimp Shumai, which are dumplings with a very crispy crust but juicy and soft inside (warning: they are hot like the sun). My best friend ordered Edamame, and the green beans were on point, salty but also sweet. She went ahead and ordered another one, she truly recommends this one if you don’t want anything too hot, but something to just munch on. For the main course, we both ordered the special Tomo III.

Tomo 3

I shoved the first roll.

What. Is. This?

Tomo III contains, shrimp tempura inside, hugged by delicious fresh rice, avocado on top, then crab meat AND then the special sauces, which gives it the perfect touch. However, these are not the only amazing rolls they have, they have a broad variety of special platters and it is really interesting how they came up with their own dishes and made it their own.


To finish the meal, I ordered a fried vanilla ice cream, I was sort of surprised when I read it honestly, were they really going to fry the ice cream? Whatever, they did it and my vanilla ice cream had a fried crust as if had been fried – It was

Go now, drop your stuff, your life, your job and go try the Tomo III with a Sapporo beer. After trying sushi in different places I finally found this place to be the right for me and I hope you find it great as well.

86-12 37ave, Jackson Heights (Tomo III)
89-14 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst (Tomo II)

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