Top 5 Reasons to get iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 was just announced yesterday and it looks and more or less the same as the previous iPhone 4S with very ‘minor’ changes. Not many people are too excited about the iPhone 5 because of the lack of new features or changes built in. As for me, I’m not excited about it, but I will get one, why? Well here are the top 5 reason why I’ll be getting the iPhone 5:

#5 – 4G LTE
I like to browse on the internet on my iPhone. I use it to go on facebook, twitter, ebay, Wikipedia and so on. But with 3G speed sometimes it’s a bit slow and I have to wait for a while. Now with 4G LTE, browsing can be faster, and now I can upload that funny picture of my friend throwing up in the subway before anybody can, and it will get the most likes on facebook, thank you 4G LTE!

#4 – The A6 chip
I still got the original iPhone 4 (with the A4 chip) and I’m missing out on the A5 chip that the 4S has. That means my phone is a tad slower than the ones with the A5. Every time I load an app, my friends laugh on how slow it loads (like .8 sec slower!). Just to get even with them (or surpass them!), with the A6 chip, this phone will surely be the fastest when loading the twitter app and be the first one to tweet when we spot Mariah Carrey in the downtown Manhattan, and it will get the most favorite and replied tweet, since my friends are 3 seconds too late. Beat that~!

#3 – The “Cool” factor!
Nobody likes an outdated phone. People look down on people who still uses the iPhone 3G or the 3GS. Yeah I know, with the society driven on materialistic needs, one can assume that the said person is poor, there for, no one should talk to the person because that person isn’t civilized. I’m a civilized person so I will get the newer model!

#2 – The “new” metal body
I like the first iPhone because of the metal feel of it. It is of cold hard steel, and it feels powerful! Then the 3G came and it has a plastic casing, it felt like a toy. So the in the new iPhone5, it goes back to the metal body to make it feel like a blade, a powerful blade that can destroy evil and its minions, save the princess and bring peace among the land. You can’t do that with a plastic body!

#1 – I’m up for an upgrade!
My iPhone 4 is screwing up. The home button requires me to push it down with the strengths of 2 Chuck Norrises. It is getting mighty slow because it is loaded with so many apps that I barely use now because it just got super slow. It makes the headphones I use, for some reason, shifts the sounds mostly to the left ear buds (does anybody had that problem?). And it has so many scratches now (Thank you change in my pocket!). But whatever, my contract at AT&T just expired and I waited for a few months for the iPhone 5 to come out for an upgrade. I’m not that excited about it since the main change is that it is faster, but hey, it’s a new phone and it will just cost me $200.

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