Unseen (short film)

The Unseen short film was shot in summer 2011. It was for the 72 Hour Film Shootout for the Asian American Film Lab community. The theme for the challenge was “Now you see me.” The first thing that came to my head was a tied up girl with blindfold being kidnapped, and the hero has to save her. Shaun added a comedic scene of people fake fighting since the girl can’t see. Hence, you got “Unseen” an action/comedy.

We got a big team for the project because we wanted to win. Gosha from the band Uzuhi tried out acting for the first time, this was the first project we did with Seth, and Robert got his first leading role in one of our short films. We got to work with multiple camera with Usaid’s help, he brought his own Canon T2i and a Glide cam. We also tested out our new crane/jib for this shoot too.

Everything was turning out great until Shaun’s computer crashed and wiped out hours of post editing work. We didn’t make the deadline. Shaun was depressed all of fall throughout winter. He broke his ankle too when he was thinking about this short film while he was in an MMA tournament.

When Shaun’s ankle got better, he pushed himself to finish this short film. Even throughout the trial and tribulations, and when his hard drive broke, he managed to finish it just in time for Valentine’s Day. He wanted everyone to see the story about the guy who wanted to be noticed by the girl he likes.

Enjoy this crazy love story!

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