Urban Action Showcase 2015


Our short film Super Debt was an Official Selection of the 3rd annual Urban Action Showcase 2015, film festival dedicated to diversity and action. It was a pretty cool film festival and expo because, as a person of color and a rebid action fan, this festival was for me. On Friday Nov. 7th, they held the opening ceremony reception at the HBO building by Bryant Park. They had an Vimeo Pro presentation to start it off, then a nice reception to talk with the honorees and other filmmakers with free drinks and food. Some of the honored guests included actors from 80s and 90s action flicks like The Last Dragon, Mortal Kombat and American Ninja. Carolina and I got a picture with Cary Tagawa, the dude who played Shang Tsung.


The opening ceremony was very informative and highlighted the invited guest. I mostly know the ones from Mortal Kombat because I grew up watching that movie. Also, who could forget that awesome movie theme song? It’s legendary!


The cool thing about the festival is that on Saturday Nov. 8th, the films screened at the 42nd st. AMC movie theatre. That’s one of the movie theatre I frequently go! So it was a treat to see my short film in the big screen. They also had other workshops and the feature films playing in different rooms. There was also many vendors selling their shirts, movies and memorabilia. The award ceremony was another story though. It was cool that they had a band in the movie theatre, but they had technical difficulties left and right. It seems that they did not do a dry run to see if the disc were working. Or the technical director wasn’t tech savy. Maybe they can hire me to do the technical work? Anyway, my experience was great and I’ll definitely back.

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