Youtube Space NY Cultural Diversity Celebration 2014


I never been to the new Youtube Space NY facilities since they moved to the offices at the Chelsea market, so it was the perfect time to visit when they had an event called the “Cultural Diversity Celebration.” My friend and I went to check it out, and to our surprise, they had some surprise speakers like Timothy DeLaGhetto and Chescaleigh and 2 others that I am not familiar with.

But before the speaking engagement, there were free food like chicken wings, shrimps, chips and salsa etc. and drinks like beer and sodas. While we ate, we had a chance to mingle with other creators and media enthusiast. I exchanged cards with a lot of them and took an interest on the unique one. It was pretty cool to actually meet some people who are industry pros, and then there are the hopeful Youtubers. I don’t know where I stand, I’m like a little bit of both hahahaha.


The speaking engagement were very inspiring, but I already knew some of the ins and outs of Youtube. It’s always the same thing – be yourself, be unique, have fun, ignore haters, have strategy, then profit. I did like looking at the faces of all the hopeful in the room. Little do they know it is hard work and dedication to be where the speakers are at. Maybe I’ll give it a second go, since I do have access to the Youtube resources and I need to take advantage of it. I guess it was pretty inspiring to go there because it gave back my enthusiasm with Youtube. And oh yeah, they gave out a sweet steel water bottle and phone charger. These guys are awesome.


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